G Suite - Google Apps for Business

G Suite - Google Apps for Business

What you get with G Suite

  • Professional email powered by Gmail
  • A cloud-based productivity suite
  • 30 GB cloud storage on Google Drive
  • Real-time collaboration with Docs & Sheets
  • Easily connect through Hangouts & Calendar.
  • Enhanced security provided by Google.
  • Outlook Email Client with G Sync Suite

Why choose G Suite - Google Apps for Business

  • google drive icon

    Google Drive

    Store and organize files effortlessly over the cloud.

  • google docs icon

    Google Docs

    Create, edit and share documents on the go.

  • google calendar icon

    Google Calendar

    Schedule meetings and manage your time with ease.

  • google sheets icon

    Google Sheets

    Build, edit and review spreadsheets online

  • google hangouts icon

    Google Hangouts

    Set up audio and video calls for remote collaboration

  • google cloud icon

    30 GB Cloud Storage

    Abundant storage to cater to your needs.

  • gmail icon


    Your professional email on Google

  • preferences icon

    Device Management

    Sync across devices with Google apps for business

  • open email icon

    Outlook Email Client

    Chọn bạn được hỗ trợ email G Suite Sync

  • man with blue background

    Advanced Admin Controls

    Easy management of users and groups.

How to set up Multi php in directadmin

This is for DirectAdmin Cuscombuild 2.0 only.

I have to put it before I use PHP to solve the problem.

PHP 5.3 only available. Custombuild 2.0 will not be able to use php 5.2 has to compile itself.

cd / usr / local / directadmin / custombuild

./build php1_mode set php-fpm
./build php2_mode set php-fpm
./build set php1_release 5.6
./build set php2_release 5.3

./build update_da

cd / usr / local / directadmin / custombuild

./build php
./build rewrite_confs